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Equipment rentals

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The Écorécréo Group has developed a solid expertise over the years in the administration of leisure or tourist sites on a subcontracting basis. Our group also has all the skills and equipment necessary to offer medium and long term sports equipment rental for events.

Equipment rentals

  • Patins en location
    Ice skating is a very popular winter sport in Quebec. The skate consists of a boot, usually laced, equipped with a blade that allows you to […]
  • Vélos en location au Parc Jean-Drapeau
    This means of transport is very light and is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs, whether for long stroll along the waterfront or on trails. About […]
  • Location pédalo Vieux-Port de Montréal
    Pedal boats are floating gears that are propelled by the integrated pedal movements. This safe and popular means of transport will allow you to go for […]
  • Location quadricycle Vieux-Port de Montréal
    A quadricycle is a four-wheel land vehicle propelled by pedals. Experience a unique experience in Quebec by traveling along the Quays and the roads in our […]
  • A kayak is a small and narrow boat that is propelled by a double paddle. Our kayaks are in the category “Sit on top”, they are […]
  • Vélo électrique
    An electric bike consist of a bicycle frame with pedals modified to include an electric motor connected to the rear wheel. It allows a cyclist to […]
  • A snow scooter is a wooden or metal stand that can slide on the snow. It can be use alone or it can be pulled by […]
  • A musher set is a set of equipment that you attach to a dog sled for a snow scooters. This set includes a brake, adjustable harnesses […]
  • Snowshoes make it possible to walk on snow without completely sinking. Useful for walks in the mountains or in the vast snowy plains of Quebec, they […]
  • Cross-country skiing is a winter type sport. Very popular in Canada and especially in Quebec, the skis are long, narrow with a fastener only on the […]

Custom rentals for events or festivals

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Are you a city recreation officer or festival manager? The Écorécréo group will prove to be a reliable partner that can accompany you in the development of a fun offer to get your citizens or festival-goers moving.

We have a whole range of equipment for rent such as cross-country skis, snowshoes, snow scooters, musher sets for dog harnesses, fatbikes, skates, walkers, helmets, etc.

Contact us to tell us about your projects and get a custom quote!


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You have a magnificent location with a high traffic potential and you wish to diversify your offer, but unfortunately, you don't have the human resources or the cash flow required to acquire high-end equipment?

Écorécréo is the solution you need to meet your needs, thanks to its highly qualified personnel and unique equipment. Contact us to tell us about your projects and get a customized quote!