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Founded more than 15 years ago, Écorécréo can be found on several tourist attractions in Quebec. Écorécréo sells and rents out various recreational equipment and vehicles, including quadricycles, pedalos, kayaks, SUP, Segways PT and electrical bikes.

Our summer equipment


Ecorécréo offers a wide range of innovative and ecological products specifically designed for leisure and outdoor use.
  • A kayak is a small and narrow boat that is propelled by a double paddle. Our kayaks are in the category “Sit on top”, they are […]
  • The paddle board or SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a nautical activity that involves sailing on a surfboard with a paddle. Positions vary between kneeling and […]
  • Vanmoof bikes are Dutch designer bikes for the city and green spaces. This means of transport is very light and perfectly suited to the needs of […]
  • A quadricycle is a four-wheel land vehicle propelled by pedals. Experience a unique experience in Quebec by traveling along the Quays and the roads in our […]
  • Pedal boats are floating gears that are propelled by the integrated pedal movements. This safe and popular means of transport will allow you to go for […]
  • An electric bike consist of a bicycle frame with pedals modified to include an electric motor connected to the rear wheel. It allows a cyclist to […]

Some photos of our rental locations in Quebec