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  • A kayak is a small and narrow boat that is propelled by a double paddle. Our kayaks are in the category “Sit on top”, they are […]
  • The paddle board or SUP (Stand Up Paddle) is a nautical activity that involves sailing on a surfboard with a paddle. Positions vary between kneeling and […]
  • Vanmoof bikes are Dutch designer bikes for the city and green spaces. This means of transport is very light and perfectly suited to the needs of […]
  • A quadricycle is a four-wheel land vehicle propelled by pedals. Experience a unique experience in Quebec by traveling along the Quays and the roads in our […]
  • Pedal boats are floating gears that are propelled by the integrated pedal movements. This safe and popular means of transport will allow you to go for […]
  • An electric bike consist of a bicycle frame with pedals modified to include an electric motor connected to the rear wheel. It allows a cyclist to […]
  • A snow scooter is a wooden or metal stand that can slide on the snow. It can be use alone or it can be pulled by […]
  • A musher set is a set of equipment that you attach to a dog sled for a snow scooters. This set includes a brake, adjustable harnesses […]
  • Cross-country skiing is a winter type sport. Very popular in Canada and especially in Quebec, the skis are long, narrow with a fastener only on the […]
  • Snowshoes make it possible to walk on snow without completely sinking. Useful for walks in the mountains or in the vast snowy plains of Quebec, they […]
  • A mayak is a boat one sits riding on a central bar. It allows a good maintenance of the spine and avoids fatigue due to unpleasant […]