Mayak | Écorécréo


February 19, 2018

A mayak is a boat one sits riding on a central bar. It allows a good maintenance of the spine and avoids fatigue due to unpleasant positions. It is ideal for initiation, walking and games on the water. Mayaks are popular boats for school groups and families.

About our products

At Ecorécréo, we offer one type of Mayak from Yogakayak brands.

The mission of Yogakayak Inc is to promote safe physical activity on the water.

Rental locations

You can find these products for rent in the following Ecorécréo centers:

Beach at the Park Jean-Drapeau

Beach Jean-Doré
1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Montreal (Québec) H3C 6A1


Mayaks are available from $ 10. For more details, please visit the rental center where you would like to rent the equipment.

Corporate rental or group rental

For any request for corporate rental or group rental, contact us for more details.

Terms of use

To rent this equipment, the following conditions must be met:

  • Required Equipment: Wearing of lifejacket.
  • Recommended equipment: None.
  • Rights to move: In the delimited marine area.
  • Age Required: 12 years (with parental consent) or 16 years (without parental consent).